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Localized irradiation of mouse legs using an image-guided robotic linear accelerator

Item Type:Article
Title:Localized irradiation of mouse legs using an image-guided robotic linear accelerator
Creators Name:Kufeld, M. and Escobar, H. and Marg, A. and Pasemann, D. and Budach, V. and Spuler, S.
Abstract:BACKGROUND: To investigate the potential of human satellite cells in muscle regeneration small animal models are useful to evaluate muscle regeneration. To suppress the inherent regeneration ability of the tibialis muscle of mice before transplantation of human muscle fibers, a localized irradiation of the mouse leg should be conducted. We analyzed the feasibility of an image-guided robotic irradiation procedure, a routine treatment method in radiation oncology, for the focal irradiation of mouse legs. METHODS: After conducting a planning computed tomography (CT) scan of one mouse in its customized mold a three-dimensional dose plan was calculated using a dedicated planning workstation. 18 Gy have been applied to the right anterior tibial muscle of 4 healthy and 12 mice with immune defect in general anesthesia using an image-guided robotic linear accelerator (LINAC). The mice were fixed in a customized acrylic mold with attached fiducial markers for image guided tracking. RESULTS: All 16 mice could be irradiated as prevised without signs of acute radiation toxicity or anesthesiological side effects. The animals survived until scarification after 8, 21 and 49 days as planned. The procedure was straight forward and the irradiation process took 5 minutes to apply the dose of 18 Gy. CONCLUSIONS: Localized irradiation of mice legs using a robotic LINAC could be conducted as planned. It is a feasible procedure without recognizable side effects. Image guidance offers precise dose delivery and preserves adjacent body parts and tissues.
Keywords:Cyberknife, Radiosurgery, Robotics, Stereotactic Irradiation, Animals, Mice
Source:Annals of Translational Medicine
Publisher:AME Publishing Company
Page Range:156
Date:April 2017
Additional Information:Copyright©2017 Annals of Translational Medicine. All rights reserved.
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.21037/atm.2017.03.23
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