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16-channel bow tie antenna transceiver array for cardiac MR at 7.0 Tesla

Item Type:Article
Title:16-channel bow tie antenna transceiver array for cardiac MR at 7.0 Tesla
Creators Name:Oezerdem, C. and Winter, L. and Graessl, A. and Paul, K. and Els, A. and Weinberger, O. and Rieger, J. and Kuehne, A. and Dieringer, M. and Hezel, F. and Voit, D. and Frahm, J. and Niendorf, T.
Abstract:PURPOSE: To design, evaluate, and apply a bow tie antenna transceiver radiofrequency (RF) coil array tailored for cardiac MRI at 7.0 Tesla (T). METHODS: The radiofrequency (RF) coil array comprises 16 building blocks each containing a bow tie shaped lambda/2-dipole antenna. Numerical simulations were used for transmission field homogenization and RF safety validation. RF characteristics were examined in a phantom study. The array's suitability for high spatial resolution two-dimensional (2D) CINE imaging and for real time imaging of the heart was examined in a volunteer study. RESULTS: The arrays transmission fields and RF characteristics are suitable for cardiac MRI at 7.0T. The coil performance afforded a spatial resolution as good as (0.8 x 0.8 x 2.5) mm3 for segmented 2D CINE MRI at 7.0T which is by a factor of 12 superior versus standardized protocols used in clinical practice at 1.5T. The proposed transceiver array supports 1D acceleration factors of up to R = 6 without impairing image quality significantly. CONCLUSION: The 16-channel bow tie antenna transceiver array supports accelerated and high spatial resolution cardiac MRI. The array is compatible with multichannel transmission and provides a technological basis for future clinical assessment of parallel transmission techniques at 7.0 Tesla.
Keywords:Ultrahigh Field MRI, Cardiovascular MRI, Electrical Dipole, Transceiver Array, RF Coil, Parallel Imaging
Source:Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Page Range:2553-2565
Date:June 2016
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.25840
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