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Evolutionary molecular medicine

Item Type:Review
Title:Evolutionary molecular medicine
Creators Name:Nesse, R.M. and Ganten, D. and Gregory, T.R. and Omenn, G.S.
Abstract:Evolution has long provided a foundation for population genetics, but some major advances in evolutionary biology from the twentieth century that provide foundations for evolutionary medicine are only now being applied in molecular medicine. They include the need for both proximate and evolutionary explanations, kin selection, evolutionary models for cooperation, competition between alleles, co-evolution, and new strategies for tracing phylogenies and identifying signals of selection. Recent advances in genomics are transforming evolutionary biology in ways that create even more opportunities for progress at its interfaces with genetics, medicine, and public health. This article reviews 15 evolutionary principles and their applications in molecular medicine in hopes that readers will use them and related principles to speed the development of evolutionary molecular medicine.
Keywords:Evolution, Biology, Genetics, Darwinian Medicine, Evolutionary Medicine, Evolutionary Molecular Medicine, Animals
Source:Journal of Molecular Medicine
Page Range:509-522
Date:May 2012
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s00109-012-0889-9
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