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An empirical framework for binary interactome mapping

Item Type:Article
Title:An empirical framework for binary interactome mapping
Creators Name:Venkatesan, K. and Rual, J.F. and Vazquez, A. and Stelzl, U. and Lemmens, I. and Hirozane-Kishikawa, T. and Hao, T. and Zenkner, M. and Xin, X. and Goh, K.I. and Yildirim, M.A. and Simonis, N. and Heinzmann, K. and Gebreab, F. and Sahalie, J.M. and Cevik, S. and Simon, C. and de Smet, A.S. and Dann, E. and Smolyar, A. and Vinayagam, A. and Yu, H. and Szeto, D. and Borick, H. and Dricot, A. and Klitgord, N. and Murray, R.R. and Lin, C. and Lalowski, M. and Timm, J. and Rau, K. and Boone, C. and Braun, P. and Cusick, M.E. and Roth, F.P. and Hill, D.E. and Tavernier, J. and Wanker, E.E. and Barabasi, A.L. and Vidal, M.
Abstract:Several attempts have been made to systematically map protein-protein interaction, or 'interactome', networks. However, it remains difficult to assess the quality and coverage of existing data sets. Here we describe a framework that uses an empirically-based approach to rigorously dissect quality parameters of currently available human interactome maps. Our results indicate that high-throughput yeast two-hybrid (HT-Y2H) interactions for human proteins are more precise than literature-curated interactions supported by a single publication, suggesting that HT-Y2H is suitable to map a significant portion of the human interactome. We estimate that the human interactome contains approximately 130,000 binary interactions, most of which remain to be mapped. Similar to estimates of DNA sequence data quality and genome size early in the Human Genome Project, estimates of protein interaction data quality and interactome size are crucial to establish the magnitude of the task of comprehensive human interactome mapping and to elucidate a path toward this goal.
Keywords:Protein Databases, Humans, Protein Binding, Protein Interaction Mapping, Proteins, Sensitivity and Specificity
Source:Nature Methods
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:83-90
Date:January 2009
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/nmeth.1280
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