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Portable biomedical devices: a critical issue during telecare services design

Item Type:Article
Title:Portable biomedical devices: a critical issue during telecare services design
Creators Name:Gortzis, L.G. and Bakettas, I. and Makropoulos, C. and Graschew, G. and Nikiforidis, G.
Abstract:Objectives. The selection of a portable biomedical device (PBD) is a key issue regarding telecare service design. The objective of this study is to investigate the accuracy parameters of a PBD under different settings and levels. Methods and materials. By using a commercial PBD, trials were performed in a referral cardiology center and on the Olympia Explorer of the Royal Olympia Cruises, and the Superfast XII of Superfast Ferries. Data were collected (February 2004 - June 2006) by performing: (1) 'in hospital' standalone trials; (2) 'in hospital' comparative trials; and (3) 'on board' trials. Semistructured interviews were also conducted with several subjects, their cardiologists and crewmembers. Results. We investigated the accuracy parameters, namely the data precision (DP), the peripheral modules reliability (PMR) and the data transmission quality (DTQ). Although the outcomes of the comparative trials, via a statistical method verifying the DP (more than 95%), the trials 'on board' and 'in hospital' revealed a number of critical variables for the PMR and DTQ parameters. Conclusion. Telecare services design has accuracy parameter investigation needs. These parameters should be investigated simultaneously, while a compromise between them can act as a driving force to the telecare services success. The compromise is achieved by a smooth fit between DP and PMR with this fit varying within settings and levels.
Keywords:Telemedicine, Telecare, Portable Biosignal Devices, Biosignal, ECG
Source:Informatics for Health and Social Care
Publisher:Taylor & Francis (U.K.)
Page Range:91-98
Date:June 2008
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1080/17538150802127165
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