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Chronic hypoxia stimulates periarterial sympathetic nerve development in chicken embryo

Item Type:Article
Title:Chronic hypoxia stimulates periarterial sympathetic nerve development in chicken embryo
Creators Name:Ruijtenbeek, K. and le Noble, F.A.C. and Janssen, G.M.J. and Kessels, C.G.A. and Fazzi, G.E. and Blanco, C.E. and De Mey, J.G.R.
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Epidemiological findings suggest an association between low-for-age birth weight and the risk to develop coronary heart diseases in adulthood. During pregnancy, an imbalance between fetal demands and supply may result in permanent alterations of neuroendocrine development in the fetus. We evaluated whether chronic prenatal hypoxia increases arterial sympathetic innervation. METHODS AND RESULTS: Chicken embryos were maintained from 0.3 to 0.9 of the 21-day incubation period under normoxic (21% O(2)) or hypoxic conditions (15% O(2)). At 0.9 incubation, the degree of sympathetic innervation of the embryonic femoral artery was determined by biochemical, histological, and functional (in vitro contractile reactivity) techniques. Chronic hypoxia increased embryonic mortality (32% versus 13%), reduced body weight (21.9+/-0.4 versus 25.4+/-0.6 g), increased femoral artery norepinephrine (NE) content (78.4+/-9.4 versus 57.5+/-5.0 pg/mm vessel length), and increased the density of periarterial sympathetic nerve fibers (14.4+/-0.7 versus 12.5+/-0.6 counts/10(4) microm(2)). Arteries from hypoxic embryos were less sensitive to NE (pD(2), 5.99+/-0.04 versus 6. 21+/-0.10). In the presence of cocaine, however, differences in sensitivity were no longer present. In the embryonic heart, NE content (156.9+/-11.0 versus 108.1+/-14.7 pg/mg wet wt) was also increased after chronic hypoxia. CONCLUSIONS: In the chicken embryo, chronic moderate hypoxia leads to sympathetic hyperinnervation of the arterial system. In humans, an analogous mechanism may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease in adult life.
Keywords:Hypoxia, Cardiovascular Diseases, Autonomic Nervous System, Nervous System, Sympathetic, Animals, Chickens
Publisher:American Heart Association
Page Range:2892-2897
Date:5 December 2000
Official Publication:http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/102/23/2892
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