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KEGG Atlas mapping for global analysis of metabolic pathways

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Item Type:Article
Title:KEGG Atlas mapping for global analysis of metabolic pathways
Creators Name:Okuda, S. and Yamada, T. and Hamajima, M. and Itoh, M. and Katayama, T. and Bork, P. and Goto, S. and Kanehisa, M.
Abstract:KEGG Atlas is a new graphical interface to the KEGG suite of databases, especially to the systems information in the PATHWAY and BRITE databases. It currently consists of a single global map and an associated viewer for metabolism, covering about 120 KEGG metabolic pathway maps and about 10 BRITE hierarchies. The viewer allows the user to navigate and zoom the global map under the Ajax technology. The mapping of high-throughput experimental data onto the global map is the main use of KEGG Atlas. In the global metabolism map, the node (circle) is a chemical compound and the edge (line) is a set of reactions linked to a set of KEGG Orthology (KO) entries for enzyme genes. Once gene identifiers in different organisms are converted to the K number identifiers in the KO system, corresponding line segments can be highlighted in the global map, allowing the user to view genome sequence data as organism-specific pathways, gene expression data as up- or down-regulated pathways, etc. Once chemical compounds are converted to the C number identifiers in KEGG, metabolomics data can also be displayed in the global map. KEGG Atlas is available at http://www.genome.jp/kegg/atlas/.
Keywords:Computer Graphics, Factual Databases, Genomics, Internet, Metabolic Networks and Pathways, Software
Source:Nucleic Acids Research
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Number:Web Server Issue
Page Range:W423-W426
Date:1 July 2008
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkn282
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