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Die Hirnanatomie im Spiegel der ersten 50 Baende des Anatomischen Anzeigers

Item Type:Article
Title:Die Hirnanatomie im Spiegel der ersten 50 Baende des Anatomischen Anzeigers
Creators Name:Schierhorn, H.
Abstract:On the occasion of the edition of the 150th volume of the Anatomischer Anzeiger a survey is given on some important papers in neuroanatomy and especially brain research, published in the first 50 volumes of this journal. Such excellent workers in neuroscience as Albert Koelliker, Wilhelm His, Camillo Golgi, Carl Weigert, Aleksander Dogiel,Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Ludwig Edinger, Ferdinand Hochstetter, Fridtjof Nansen, Adolf Wallenberg, Theodor Ziehen, Stephan von Apathy, Michael von Lenhossek, Gheorghe Marinesco, Korbinian Brodmann, Max Bielschowsky, Oskar Vogt, Grafton Elliot Smith, Giuseppe Levi, Cornelius Ariens Kappers and many others are contributors to the Anatomischer Anzeiger during the first 32 years of its existence (1886-1918). In particular the long-lasting struggle for a general acceptance of the neurone doctrine (Neurohenlehre) is reflected by the Anatomischer Anzeiger before and after the turn of century.
Keywords:Oskar Vogt, Hirnanatomie, Neuronenlehre, Geschichte
Source:Anatomischer Anzeiger
Page Range:77-118
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