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Presence of mature DC-Lamp(+) dendritic cells in sentinel and non-sentinel lymph nodes of breast cancer patients

Item Type:Article
Title:Presence of mature DC-Lamp(+) dendritic cells in sentinel and non-sentinel lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
Creators Name:Bembenek, A. and Li, J. and Loddenkemper, C. and Kemmner, W. and Stein, H. and Wernecke, K.D. and Schlag, P.M.
Abstract:AIM: Our study examined differences in the presence of mature, DC-Lamp(+) DC in the SLN and non-SLN according to the extent of metastatic involvement. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Paraffin blocks of the SLN and non-SLN from patients with primary breast cancer who had undergone SLN biopsy and axillary dissection were separated into three groups: (Group A) no tumor cell involvement in the SLN and non-SLN; (Group B) isolated tumor cells or micrometastases in the SLN, and tumor cell-free non-SLN; and (Group C) macrometastases in the SLN. One section of all the SLN and non-SLN was examined with immunohistochemistry using an anti-DC-Lamp-antibody. The densest area occupied by the DC-Lamp(+) cells on each slide was quantified and recorded by an electronic imaging system. In this regard, the SLN and non-SLN were compared within the patients of each group using the Wilcoxon signed rank-test (p<0.05). RESULTS: One hundred and fourteen SLN and 1258 non-SLN from 79 patients were examined. A significantly larger area was occupied by the DC-Lamp(+) cells in the SLN compared to the non-SLN in Groups A (p=0.024) and B (p=0.009), whereas no significant difference was found within Group C (p=0.107). CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that the DC-dependent immune response is altered during the process of metastasis formation and is primarily activated before and during formation of micrometastasis.
Keywords:Sentinel Lymph Node, Breast Cancer, Dendritic Cells, Immunology, Micrometastases
Source:European Journal of Surgical Oncology
Page Range:514-518
Date:May 2008
Additional Information:The original publication is available at www.sciencedirect.com
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejso.2007.05.013
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