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Autoantibodies against G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Modulate Heart Mast Cells

Item Type:Article
Title:Autoantibodies against G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Modulate Heart Mast Cells
Creators Name:Okruhlicova, L. and Morwinski, R. and Schulze, W. and Bartel, S. and Weismann, P. and Tribulova, N. and Wallukat, G.
Abstract:Mast cells are believed to be involved in myocardial tissue remodelling under pathophysiological conditions. We examined the effects of autoantibodies against G-protein-coupled receptors in sera of patients with heart diseases on myocardial mast cells in the cultured neonatal Sprague-Dawley rat heart cells. Cells collected at day 3 and 10 of the culture were preincubated with autoantibodies against alpha1-adrenoceptor and angiotensin II AT1-receptor, agonist phenylephrine and angiotensin II, and control IgG. The pretreated cultured cells were stained for selected mast cell markers tryptase, chymase and TNF-alpha. The cultured cells were also processed for observation with electron microscopy. The autoantibodies-treatment of the 3-day cultured cells caused both increased intensity of immunofluorescence (p < 0.05) and their enlarged diameters of the mast cells when compared to age-matched ones. In contrast, the fluorescence of preincubated 10-day-old mast cells was decreased compared with controls (p < 0.01). In control samples, the fluorescence of 10-day-old mast cells was significantly higher than that of 3-day-old ones (p &lt; 0.001). Results of electron microscopy examination demonstrated there was an increased granulation of treated 3-day-old mast cells, while a degranulation of mast cells at day 10 of application. The results suggest the modulation effect of the autoantibodies against G-protein-coupled receptors on mast cells, indicating a potential functional link between the autoantibodies against G-protein-coupled receptors and the mast cells in progression of heart disease.
Keywords:Mast cell, Autoantibody, Rat heart cell culture, Immunofluorescence, Animals, Rats
Source:Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Publisher:Chinese Society of Immunology
Page Range:127-133
Date:April 2007
Official Publication:http://www.cmi.ustc.edu.cn/4/2/127.pdf
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