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2',3'-dideoxynucleoside pyrimidine compounds and carbocyclic analogs

Item Type:Patent
Title:2',3'-dideoxynucleoside pyrimidine compounds and carbocyclic analogs
Creators Name:Matthes, E. and Janta-Lipinski, M. and Scholz, D. and Gaertner, K. and Schildt, J. and Lehmann, C. and Langen, P. and Rosenthal, H.A.
Abstract:2',3'-dideoxynucleoside pyrimidine compounds and 2-thiothymidine carbocyclic derivatives with antiviral activity are disclosed. These compounds are expected to exhibit antiviral activity recognized for 2',3'-dideoxynucleoside compounds and analogs thereof.
Date:5 March 1996

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