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Early references to the mutational origin of cancer

Item Type:Letter
Title:Early references to the mutational origin of cancer
Creators Name:Wunderlich, V.
Abstract:Recently in this journal, Edler and Kopp-Schneider reviewed the origins of the mutational theory of cancer focusing mainly on the influential book by Karl Heinrich Bauer published in 1928. However, like Bauer, the authors failed to mention some previous papers in which scientists had suggested a possible role of somatic mutations in carcinogenesis. In fact, it was the pathologist Ernest E Tyzzer (1875–1965) who in 1916 first used the term 'somatic mutation' with respect to a tumour. His observations on tumour immunity led him to conclude: 'From the evidence in the biological character of tumors of a permanent modification of somatic tissue, it appears logical to regard a tumor as a manifestation of somatic mutation. As a basis for this, there may be modification of the relative value either by ...' [first 10% of the full text]
Keywords:19th Century History, 20th Century History, Human Chromosomes, Mutation, Neoplasms
Source:International Journal of Epidemiology
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Page Range:246-247
Date:February 2007
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/ije/dyl272
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