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Magnetic resonance-guided biopsy of suspicious breast lesions with a handheld vacuum biopsy device

Item Type:Article
Title:Magnetic resonance-guided biopsy of suspicious breast lesions with a handheld vacuum biopsy device
Creators Name:Gebauer, B. and Bostanjoglo, M. and Moesta, K.T. and Schneider, W. and Schlag, P.M. and Felix, R.
Abstract:PURPOSE: To evaluate a handheld vacuum-assisted device system for magnetic resonance image (MRI)-guided breast lesion biopsy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In 32 patients, a total of 42 suspicious breast lesions (mean diameter 7.5 mm for mass lesions, 11.6 mm for non-masslike diffuse lesions) seen with MRI (no suspicious changes in breast ultrasound or mammography) were biopsied (27 lateral, 15 medial) using a 10G vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device under MR guidance. Histology of biopsy specimens was compared with final histology after surgery or follow-up in benign lesions. RESULTS: In all biopsies, technical success was achieved. Histology revealed 11 lesions with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) or invasive cancer, three with intermediate lesions (LCIS) and 28 with benign breast lesions (adenosis, infected hematoma). In one patient with discordant results of MRI and histology, surgical excision revealed medullary cancer. In the follow-up (mean 18 months) of the histological benign lesions, no breast cancer development was observed. Besides minor complications (hematoma, n = 6), with no further therapeutic interventions, no complications occurred. CONCLUSION: MRI-guided breast lesion biopsy using a handheld vacuum-assisted device is a safe and effective method for the work-up of suspicious lesions seen with breast MRI without changes in mammography or ultrasound. In the case of discordant histology of vacuum biopsy and breast MRI appearance, surgical excision is recommended.
Keywords:Breast Cancer, Magnetic Resonance, Vacuum Biopsy
Source:Acta Radiologica
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Page Range:907-913
Date:November 2006
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1080/02841850600892928
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