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Telemedical applications and Grid technology

Item Type:Book Section
Title:Telemedical applications and Grid technology
Creators Name:Graschew, G. and Roelofs, T.A. and Rakowsky, S. and Schlag, P.M. and Kaiser, S. and Albayrak, S.
Abstract:Due to the experience in the exploitation of previous European telemedicine projects an open Euro-Mediterranean consortium proposes the Virtual Euro-Mediterranean Hospital (VEMH) initiative. The provision of the same advanced technologies to the European and Mediterranean Countries should contribute to their better dialogue for integration. VEMH aims to facilitate the interconnection of various services through real integration which must take into account the social, human and cultural dimensions. VEMH will provide a platform consisting of a satellite and terrestrial link for the application of medical e-learning, real-time telemedicine and medical assistance. The methodologies for the VEMH are medical-needs-driven instead of technology-driven. They supply new management tools for virtual medical communities and allow management of clinical outcomes for implementation of evidence-based medicine. Due to the distributed character of the VEMH Grid technology becomes inevitable for successful deployment of the services. Existing Grid Engines provide basic computing power needed by today's medical analysis tasks but lack other capabilities needed for communication and knowledge sharing services envisioned. When it comes to heterogeneous systems to be shared by different institutions especially the high level system management areas are still unsupported. Therefore a Metagrid Engine is needed that provides a superset of functionalities across different Grid Engines and manages strong privacy and Quality of Service constraints at this comprehensive level.
Keywords:Real-time telemedicine, Satellite-based network, Virtual hospital, Health grid
Series Name:Proceedings of SPIE ; 6022
Title of Book:Network Architectures, Management, and Applications III
Page Range:60220F (Article Number)
Date:5 December 2005
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1117/12.636836

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