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CXCR5-dependent seeding of follicular niches by B and Th cells augments antiviral B cell responses

Item Type:Article
Title:CXCR5-dependent seeding of follicular niches by B and Th cells augments antiviral B cell responses
Creators Name:Junt, T. and Fink, K. and Foerster, R. and Senn, B. and Lipp, M. and Muramatsu, M. and Zinkernagel, R.M. and Ludewig, B. and Hengartner, H.
Abstract:The chemokine receptor CXCR5 and its ligand CXCL13 define the structure of B cell follicles within secondary lymphoid organs. Here, we examined the impact of CXCR5 on antiviral B cell responses in vivo. CXCR5-/- mice showed a normal production of IgM and IgG acutely after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and developed VSV-specific germinal centers. However, impaired Ig class switch and Ab production were observed under conditions of limited availability of Ag (i.e., after immunization with nonreplicating viral particles or soluble Ag). Adoptive transfer of CXCR5-deficient, VSV-specific B and Th cells demonstrated that CXCR5 expression on both B and Th cells is required for an efficient Ig class switch. These experiments revealed that CXCR5 is critical for the coordinated interaction of antiviral T and B cells through its impact on initial B cell expansion and the recruitment of Ag-specific B and Th cells to germinal centers. Copyright
Keywords:Adoptive Transfer, Antigen Presentation, B-Lymphocytes, Cell Communication, Chemokine Receptors, Chemotaxis, Cytokine Receptors, CXCR5 Receptors, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence Microscopy, Germinal Center, Helper-Inducer T-Lymphocytes, Immunoglobulin Class Switching, Immunohistochemistry, Animals, Mice
Source:Journal of Immunology
Publisher:American Association of Immunologists
Page Range:7109-7116
Date:1 December 2005
Official Publication:http://www.jimmunol.org/cgi/content/abstract/175/11/7109
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