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Initial sequence of the chimpanzee genome and comparison with the human genome

Item Type:Review
Title:Initial sequence of the chimpanzee genome and comparison with the human genome
Creators Name:Mikkelsen, T.S. and Hillier, L.W. and Eichler, E.E. and Zody, M.C. and Jaffe, D.B. and Yang, S.P. and Enard, W. and Hellmann, I. and Lindblad-Toh, K. and Altheide, T.K. and Archidiacono, N. and Bork, P. and Butler, J. and Chang, J.L. and Cheng, Z. and Chinwalla, A.T. and de Jong, P. and Delehaunty, K.D. and Fronick, C.C. and Fulton, L.L. and Gilad, Y. and Glusman, G. and Gnerre, S. and Graves, T.A. and Hayakawa, T. and Hayden, K.E. and Huang, X.Q. and Ji, H.K. and Kent, W.J. and King, M.C. and Kulbokas, E.J. and Lee, M.K. and Liu, G. and Lopez-Otin, C. and Makova, K.D. and Man, O. and Mardis, E.R. and Mauceli, E. and Miner, T.L. and Nash, W.E. and Nelson, J.O. and Paeaebo, S. and Patterson, N.J. and Pohl, C.S. and Pollard, K.S. and Pruefer, K. and Puente, X.S. and Reich, D. and Rocchi, M. and Rosenbloom, K. and Ruvolo, M. and Richter, D.J. and Schaffner, S.F. and Smit, A.F.A. and Smith, S.M. and Suyama, M. and Taylor, J. and Torrents, D. and Tuzun, E. and Varki, A. and Velasco, G. and Ventura, M. and Wallis, J.W. and Wendl, M.C. and Wilson, R.K. and Lander, E.S. and Waterston, R.H.
Abstract:Here we present a draft genome sequence of the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Through comparison with the human genome, we have generated a largely complete catalogue of the genetic differences that have accumulated since the human and chimpanzee species diverged from our common ancestor, constituting approximately thirty-five million single-nucleotide changes, five million insertion/deletion events, and various chromosomal rearrangements. We use this catalogue to explore the magnitude and regional variation of mutational forces shaping these two genomes, and the strength of positive and negative selection acting on their genes. In particular, we find that the patterns of evolution in human and chimpanzee protein-coding genes are highly correlated and dominated by the fixation of neutral and slightly deleterious alleles. We also use the chimpanzee genome as an outgroup to investigate human population genetics and identify signatures of selective sweeps in recent human evolution.
Keywords:Alleles, Alu Elements, Base Composition, Computational Biology, DNA Transposable Elements, Disease, Molecular Evolution, Human Genome, Genomics, Mutagenesis, Pan Troglodytes, Phylogeny, Genetic Polymorphism, Genetic Recombination, DNA Sequence Analysis, Telomere, Time Factors, Animals
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:69-87
Date:1 September 2005
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/nature04072
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