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Detection of tumor-specific mRNA in cell-free bronchial lavage supernatant in patients with lung cancer

Item Type:Article
Title:Detection of tumor-specific mRNA in cell-free bronchial lavage supernatant in patients with lung cancer
Creators Name:Engel, E. and Schmidt, B. and Carstensen, T. and Weickmann, S. and Jandrig, B. and Witt, C. and Fleischhacker, M.
Abstract:Bronchoscopy is a standard procedure in the workup of patients with suspicious pulmonary lesions. We wondered whether it is possible to isolate malignancy-associated mRNA from cell-free lavage supernatant. Extra-cellular mRNA from cell-free lavage supernatant of 25 patients with lung cancer (23 with non-small cell lung cancer, 2 with small cell lung cancer) was isolated, reverse-transcribed, and amplified by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. The quantity and quality of the isolated RNA were checked after cDNA synthesis by amplification with β-actin-specific primers. Afterwards, a panel of eight genes known to be expressed in lung tumors was used for the detection of tumor-associated mRNA expression in lavage supernatant and serum. mRNA coding for β-actin could be isolated from lavage supernatant of all 25 patients. In addition, the expression of at least one tumor-associated gene was detectable in all patients. These results show that intact mRNA can be isolated from cell-free lavage supernatant and that its quantity and quality are sufficient for the detection of tumor-associated gene expression alterations. This may open new possibilities for the diagnosis of lung cancer.
Keywords:Bronchial lavage, Cancer, Cell-free mRNA, Lung, Plasma, Supernatant, Tumor
Source:Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Publisher:New York Academy of Sciences
Page Range:140-146
Date:1 June 2004
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1196/annals.1318.023
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