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Generation and annotation of the DNA sequences of human chromosomes 2 and 4

Item Type:Article
Title:Generation and annotation of the DNA sequences of human chromosomes 2 and 4
Creators Name:Hillier, L.W. and Graves, T.A. and Fulton, R.S. and Fulton, L.A. and Pepin, K.H. and Minx, P. and Wagner-McPherson, C. and Layman, D. and Wylie, K. and Sekhon, M. and Becker, M.C. and Fewell, G.A. and Delehaunty, K.D. and Miner, T.L. and Nash, W.E. and Kremitzki, C. and Oddy, L. and Du, H. and Sun, H. and Bradshaw-Cordum, H. and Ali, J. and Carter, J. and Cordes, M. and Harris, A. and Isak, A. and van Brunt, A. and Nguyen, C. and Du, F. and Courtney, L. and Kalicki, J. and Ozersky, P. and Abbott, S. and Armstrong, J. and Belter, E.A. and Caruso, L. and Cedroni, M. and Cotton, M. and Davidson, T. and Desai, A. and Elliott, G. and Erb, T. and Fronick, C. and Gaige, T. and Haakenson, W. and Haglund, K. and Holmes, A. and Harkins, R. and Kim, K. and Kruchowski, S.S. and Strong, C.M. and Grewal, N. and Goyea, E. and Hou, S. and Levy, A. and Martinka, S. and Mead, K. and McLellan, M.D. and Meyer, R. and Randall-Maher, J. and Tomlinson, C. and uphin-Kohlberg, S. and Kozlowicz-Reilly, A. and Shah, N. and Swearengen-Shahid, S. and Snider, J. and Strong, J.T. and Thompson, J. and Yoakum, M. and Leonard, S. and Pearman, C. and Trani, L. and Radionenko, M. and Waligorski, J.E. and Wang, C. and Rock, S.M. and Tin-Wollam, A.M. and Maupin, R. and Latreille, P. and Wendl, M.C. and Yang, S.P. and Pohl, C. and Wallis, J.W. and Spieth, J. and Bieri, T.A. and Berkowicz, N. and Nelson, J.O. and Osborne, J. and Ding, L. and Meyer, R. and Sabo, A. and Shotland, Y. and Sinha, P. and Wohldmann, P.E. and Cook, L.L. and Hickenbotham, M.T. and Eldred, J. and Williams, D. and Jones, T.A. and She, X. and Ciccarelli, F.D. and Izaurralde, E. and Taylor, J. and Schmutz, J. and Myers, R.M. and Cox, D.R. and Huang, X. and McPherson, J.D. and Mardis, E.R. and Clifton, S.W. and Warren, W.C. and Chinwalla, A.T. and Eddy, S.R. and Marra, M.A. and Ovcharenko, I. and Furey, T.S. and Miller, W. and Eichler, E.E. and Bork, P. and Suyama, M. and Torrents, D. and Waterston, R.H. and Wilson, R.K.
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:724-731
Date:1 January 2005
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/nature03466
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