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Association of EEG coherence and an exonic GABABR1 gene polymorphism

Item Type:Article
Title:Association of EEG coherence and an exonic GABABR1 gene polymorphism
Creators Name:Winterer, G. and Smolka, M. and Samochowiec, J. and Ziller, M. and Mahlberg, R. and Gallinat, J. and Rommelspacher, H.P. and Herrmann, W.M. and Sander, T.
Abstract:The GABAB receptor 1 gene is mapped to chromosome 6p21.3 within the HLA class I region close to the HLA-F gene. Susceptibility loci for epilepsy and schizophrenia have been mapped in this region. Based on pharmacological evidence, it has been suggested that GABAB receptors may play a crucial role in the synchronization of EEG oscillations, which in turn can be abnormal in neuropsychiatric disorders. In the present study, the hypothesis was tested, whether three exonic variants of the gene encoding the human GABAB receptor (GABABR1) modify cortical synchronization measured as scalp-recorded EEG-coherence. Two principal components of EEG coherence (frontal coherence, parietotemporal coherence) were investigated in 104 healthy subjects during three conditions: resting EEG, activated EEG, and event-related EEG. No significant associations were found between the frontal coherence component and any polymorphism or between the parietotemporal coherence component and the exon 1a1 polymorphism. However, parietotemporal coherence showed statistically highly significant associations across all three experimental conditions with exon 7 and trend associations with exon 11. The results provide evidence that the translated polymorphism of exon 7 may be functionally meaningful and impact cortical EEG oscillations. Since variations of EEG coherence have been described for several neuropsychiatric disorders, the present association should be tested in clinical samples using EEG coherence as an intermediate phenotype.
Keywords:EEG Coherence, GABAB Receptor Gene Polymorphism, Chromosome 6p21.3, Intermediate Phenotype
Source:American Journal of Medical Genetics
Page Range:51-56
Date:1 February 2003
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/ajmg.b.10031
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