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Die Molekuele der Metastasierung [the molecules of metastasis]

Item Type:Article
Title:Die Molekuele der Metastasierung [the molecules of metastasis]
Creators Name:Kemmner, W. and Schlag, P.M.
Abstract:Summary: Metastasis is a complex multistep process which can be crudely broken down into 4 steps: growth and vascularization of the primary tumor, loss of tissue integrity and invasion of tumor cells into the vessel system, dissemination and extravasation into the target organ, and the formation of macrometastases. Here, we will discuss which are the crucial molecules of each of these steps and give a brief introduction into novel concepts of metastasis.
Keywords:Metastasis, Hypoxia, Adhesion, Proteases, Glycosylation
Source:Chirurgische Praxis
Page Range:203-212
Date:1 January 2003

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