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Diagnostik von Duenndarmtumoren mit Hilfe des CT-Entreoklysma : Die CT - Sellink ausgewertet bei 63 Patienten

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Title:Diagnostik von Duenndarmtumoren mit Hilfe des CT-Entreoklysma : Die CT - Sellink ausgewertet bei 63 Patienten
Creators Name:Gaffke, G. and Stroszczynski, C. and Schlecht, I. and Jost, D. and Ludwig, W.D. and Schlag, P.M. and Felix, R.
Abstract:Purpose: Aim of the study was to compare the visualisation of small bowel tumours particularly lymphoma of the small bowel by enteroclysma, computed tomography (CT) and computed tomography following enteroclysma. Methods: We examined 97 examinations in 63 patients. Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma was the primary malignancy in 44 patients, metastasis of different malignancies in 8 patients, primary malignancies of the small intestine in 5 patients, mesenteric tumours in 4 patients and postoperative stricture in another 2 patients. CT following enteroclysma (CT Sellink) was performed as helical CT in 55 patients and as incremental CT in 42 patients. Examinations were evaluated by two radiologists. Evaluation criteria were small bowel distension, perceptibility of details and topographic correlation. Results: Manifestations of lymphoma were found in 32 patients, infiltration of bowel wall in 12 patients. In three patients metastases of melanoma were found. In three patients the suspicion for small bowel tumours was not verified in CT Sellink. The perceptibility of details was evaluated as ameliorated in 45.5% of examinations over all. Conclusions: CT Sellink offers remarkable advantages in the diagnosis of small bowel tumours compared with enteroclysma and "conventional" computed tomography under intra-venous and oral contrast media. CT Sellink was feasible over a time of 7 years now in clinical praxis. This examination represents an optimized standard in small intestine examination.
Keywords:Computed Tomography, Small Bowel, Enteroclysma, CT Sellink
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