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Endothelial cell specific molecule-1 - A newly identified protein in adipocytes

Item Type:Article
Title:Endothelial cell specific molecule-1 - A newly identified protein in adipocytes
Creators Name:Wellner, M. and Herse, F. and Janke, J. and Gorzelniak, K. and Engeli, S. and Bechart, D. and Lasalle, P. and Luft, F.C. and Sharma, A.M.
Abstract:Expression of the endothelial cell-specific molecule (ESM)-1 was originally identified in lung and kidney endothelial cells, where its expression is regulated by cytokines. In vitro, ESM-1 interferes with the molecular mechanisms of immune cell migration by binding to adhesion molecules. In this study, we have explored the expression of ESM-1 in isolated human adipocytes and in rat adipose tissue depots. Human primary adipocytes were cultivated after collagenase digestion and used for in vitro incubation studies. Adipocytes were also isolated from different fat depots of Sprague-Dawley rats. Gene expression was quantified by Taq-Man RT-PCR using specific human and rat ESM-1 primers. The cellular localisation of ESM-1 was determined by confocal microscopy using a specific antibody. ESM-1 expression in human adipocytes was stimulated by phorbol ester, an activator of protein kinase C, and by retinoic acid, an activator of nuclear receptors. The maximum increase in gene expression was 3.2-fold after 72 h treatment with phorbol ester and 4.6-fold after 72 h treatment with retinoic acid. The highest expression was found in subcutaneous rat adipose tissue - two-fold compared to epididymal and six-fold compared to intrascapular brown adipose tissue. As obesity is related to systemic inflammation (examplified by increased circulating levels of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6), the formation of ESM-1 in adipocytes and its activation by protein kinase C may play a role in the regulation of inflammatory processes.
Keywords:Adipocytes, Endothelial Cell-Specific Molecule-1, Animals, Rats
Source:Hormone and Metabolic Research
Page Range:217-221
Date:April 2003
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1055/s-2003-39477
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