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Genomic expansion and clustering of ZAD-containing C2H2 zinc-finger genes in Drosophila

Item Type:Article
Title:Genomic expansion and clustering of ZAD-containing C2H2 zinc-finger genes in Drosophila
Creators Name:Chung, H.R. and Schaefer, U. and Jaeckle, H. and Boehm, S.
Abstract:C2H2 zinc-finger proteins (ZFPs) constitute the largest family of nucleic acid binding factors in higher eukaryotes. In silico analysis identified a total of 326 putative ZFP genes in the Drosophila genome, corresponding to Ο2.3% of the annotated genes. Approximately 29% of the Drosophila ZFPs are evolutionary conserved in humans and/or Caenorhabditis elegans. In addition, Ο28% of the ZFPs contain an N-terminal zinc-finger-associated C4DM domain (ZAD) consisting of Ο75 amino acid residues. The ZAD is restricted to ZFPs of dipteran and closely related insects. The evolutionary restriction, an expansion of ZAD-containing ZFP genes in the Drosophila genome and their clustering at few chromosomal sites are features reminiscent of vertebrate KRAB-ZFPs. ZADs are likely to represent protein-protein interaction domains. We propose that ZAD-containing ZFP genes participate in transcriptional regulation either directly or through site-specific modification and/or regulation of chromatin.
Keywords:Amino Acid Sequence, DNA Sequence Analysis, Genome, Introns, Molecular Evolution, Molecular Sequence Data, Multigene Family, Mutation, Sequence Alignment, Tertiary Protein Structure, Zinc Fingers, Animals, Drosophila
Source:EMBO Reports
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:1158-1162
Date:1 December 2002
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/embo-reports/kvf243
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