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Cardiac cachexia in early literature: a review of research prior to Medline

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Item Type:Article
Title:Cardiac cachexia in early literature: a review of research prior to Medline
Creators Name:Doehner, W. and Anker, S.D.
Abstract:Cachexia has been known to physicians since ancient Greek times as a 'signum mali ominis' in various diseases indicating end stage disease and poor quality of life. Cardiac cachexia is recently receiving growing attention as modern treatment options prevent early death from cardiac events and more patients live with chronic compensated heart failure. Nevertheless, observation and clinical documentation of this condition go back as long as medical science itself. Pioneering studies on the reasons and mechanisms of cachexia were performed several decades ago. These studies provide fundamental insights and guidance towards a better understanding of cachexia. This review presents an overview of early thoughts and milestone studies on metabolic abnormalities and cachexia in chronic heart failure.
Keywords:Cachexia, Metabolic Abnormalities, Chronic Heart Failure, History, Franklin D Roosevelt
Source:International Journal of Cardiology
Page Range:7-14
Date:September 2002
Additional Information:The original publication is available at www.sciencedirect.com
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0167-5273(02)00230-9
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