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Expression of the human poliovirus Receptor/CD155 gene is activated by sonic hedgehog

Item Type:Article
Title:Expression of the human poliovirus Receptor/CD155 gene is activated by sonic hedgehog
Creators Name:Solecki, D.J. and Gromeier, M. and Mueller, S. and Bernhardt, G. and Wimmer, E.
Abstract:The human poliovirus receptor/CD155 is a transembrane glycoprotein belonging to the immunogloblin superfamily. The ectodomain of CD155 mediates cell attachment to the extracellular matrix molecule vitronectin, while its intracellular domain interacts with the dynein light chain Tctex-1. CD155 is a primate-restricted gene that is expressed during development in mesenchymal tissues and ventrally derived structures within the CNS. Its function in adults is as yet unknown, but significantly, CD155 is aberrantly expressed in neuoectodermal tumors. We show that the expression of CD155 mRNA is up-regulated when human Ntera2 cells are treated with purified Sonic hedgehog (Shh)protein. Reporter gene expression driven by the CD155 core promoter is activated by Shh in transient co-transfection assays. Analysis of the CD155 core promoter indicates that an intact Gli3 binding site is required for Shh activation. In addition, overexpression of Gli1 or Gli3 poently activates reporter gene expression driven by the CD155 core promoter. These data identify the CD155 gene as a transcriptional target of Shh, a finding that has significance for the normal function of CD155 durng development and the expression of CD155 in neuroctodermal tumors.
Keywords:Base Sequence, DNA Primers, Gene Expression Regulation, Hedgehog Proteins, Inbred C3H Mice, Membrane Proteins, Promoter Regions, Trans-Activation, Trans-Activators, Transgenic Mice, Virus Receptors, Animals, Mice
Source:Journal of Biological Chemistry
Publisher:American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Page Range:25697-25702
Date:12 July 2002
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1074/jbc.M201378200
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