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Ageing and water homeostasis

Item Type:Article
Title:Ageing and water homeostasis
Creators Name:Robertson, D. and Jordan, J. and Jacob, G. and Ketch, T. and Shannon, J.R. and Biaggioni, I.
Abstract:This review outlines current knowledge concerning fluid intake and volume homeostasis in ageing. The physiology of vasopressin is summarized. Studies have been carried out to determine orthostatic changes in plasma volume and to assess the effect of water ingestion in normal subjects, elderly subjects, and patients with dysautonomias. About 14% of plasma volume shifts out of the vasculature within 30 minutes of upright posture. Oral ingestion of water raises blood pressure in individuals with impaired autonomic reflexes and is an important source of noise in blood pressure trials in the elderly. On the average, oral ingestion of 16 ounces (473ml) of water raises blood pressure 11 mmHg in elderly normal subjects. In patients with autonomic impairment, such as multiple system atrophy, strikingly exaggerated pressor effects of water have been seen with blood pressure elevations greater than 75 mmHg not at all uncommon. Ingestion of water is a major determinant of blood pressure in the elderly population. Volume homeostasis is importantly affected by posture and large changes in plasma volume may occur within 30 minutes when upright posture is assumed.
Keywords:Aging, Homeostasis, Vasopressins, Water
Source:Novartis Foundation Symposium
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Page Range:265-275
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/0470846542.ch16
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