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The role of staging laparoscopy for multimodal therapy of gastrointestinal cancer

Item Type:Article
Title:The role of staging laparoscopy for multimodal therapy of gastrointestinal cancer
Creators Name:Huenerbein, M. and Rau, B. and Hohenberger, P. and Schlag, P.M.
Abstract:BACKGROUND: This prospective study was conducted to evaluate the accuracy and the therapeutic relevance of staging laparoscopy. METHODS: Between June 1993 and February 1997 staging laparoscopy was performed in 389 patients with various neoplasms. Additionally, 144 selected patients of this group were examined with laparoscopic ultrasound using a semiflexible ultrasound probe (7.5 MHz). RESULTS: Compared to conventional imaging methods, laparoscopy and laparoscopic ultrasound improved the accuracy of staging in 158 of 389 patients (41%). Statistical subgroup analysis of 131 patients with gastric cancer showed that the accuracy of staging laparoscopy in the detection of distant metastases (68%) was significantly higher (p < 0.01) than that of ultrasound (63%) or computed tomography (58%). In the whole group, laparoscopy alone disclosed intraabdominal tumor dissemination or nonresectable disease in 111 patients. Laparoscopic ultrasound displayed additional metastases-i. e., liver metastases (n = 9), M1 lymph nodes (n = 15), or nonresectable tumors (n = 6) in 30 patients. Although metastastic disease was suggested by preoperative imaging, benign lesions were found in five patients with laparoscopy and in a further 12 patients with ultrasonography. The findings of staging laparoscopy changed the treatment strategy in 45% of the patients. Conversion to open surgery was necessary in 5% of the cases, and complications related to laparoscopy occured in 4% of the patients. CONCLUSIONS: Laparoscopy with laparoscopic ultrasound improves the staging of gastrointestinal tumors and has a significant impact on a stage-adapted surgical therapy.
Keywords:Laparoscopy, Staging, Gastrointestinal Tumors, Multimodal Therapy
Source:Surgical Endoscopy
Page Range:921-925
Date:July 1998
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s004649900747
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