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In vivo identification of lymphocyte subsets exhibiting transcriptionally active NF-kappaB/Rel complexes

Item Type:Article
Title:In vivo identification of lymphocyte subsets exhibiting transcriptionally active NF-kappaB/Rel complexes
Creators Name:Feuillard, J. and Memet, S. and Goudeau, B. and Lilienbaum, A. and Schmidt-Ullrich, R. and Raphael, M. and Israel, A.
Abstract:To analyze the NF-kappaB/Rel activity pattern in a living organism, we previously generated transgenic mice carrying a kappaB-dependent lacZ gene. In situ analysis of both primary and secondary lymphoid organs revealed a strong NF-kappaB transcriptional activity in antigen-presenting cells, some endothelial cells and sinus lining cells of the lymph node capsula with very little activity in lymphocytes and thymocytes. Using fluorescein-di-beta-D-galactopyranoside (FDG) as a vital substrate for the beta-galactosidase, we re-examined by flow cytometry the NF-kappaB/Rel transcriptional activity in our mouse model. We report here that such constitutive NF-kappaB/Rel activity was significantly detected in thymocytes at the CD44+CD25(-) stage. This constitutive activity extended with CD25 expression to the majority of the CD44(-)CD25(+) thymocytes and was then restricted to a few mature T cells. In the spleen, constitutive NF-kappaB/Rel activity was found in most B cells, unlike T cells which were largely negative. Virgin IgD(+) B cells expressed higher levels of NF-kappaB transcriptional activity than other B cell types. Altogether, these results suggest that NF-kappaB/Rel complexes are key players in the in vivo differentiation of IgD(+) B lymphocytes and possibly CD25(+) thymocytes.
Keywords:Lymphocyte, NF-{kappa}B, Rel, Spleen, Thymus, Transgenic Mice, Animals, Mice
Source:International Immunology
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Page Range:613-621
Date:May 2000
Official Publication:http://intimm.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/12/5/613
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