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Genome comparisons to monitor molecular evolution

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Title:Genome comparisons to monitor molecular evolution
Creators Name:Bork, P. and Dandekar, T. and Snel, B. and Huynen, M.A.
Abstract:Computational approaches are used to compare completely sequenced mircobial genomes. The presence and absence of general reveals first insight into cellular processes. Differential genome analysis techniques can be applied ti identify species-specific genes that might contribute to species-specific phenotypes. The analysis of particluar pathways in sequenced genomes reveals a remarkable variability of individual species. The gene content as such does, however, correlate with the phylogeny of the species to an extent that the fraction of shared genes can serve as a measurement for genome divergence time. The evolution of other genomic features can also be measured and a hierarchy of rates for their evolution can be established: protein sequence identity is the most conserved, followed by gene order and operons whereas regulatory element appear to evolve most rapidly. Genom analysis is a powerful tool, but full of technical pitfalls that need to be taken into account.
Title of Book:Microbial Evolution and Infection : 50th Congress of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Hygiene und Mikrobiologie (DGHM) and the 25th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Infektiologie (DGI)
Publisher:Einhorn-Presse Verlag
Page Range:80-92
Date:1 July 1999

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