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Die molekulare Genetik der Hypertonie

Item Type:Article
Title:Die molekulare Genetik der Hypertonie
Creators Name:Luft, F.C.
Abstract:Several monogenic forms of hypertension exist, most of which have been elucidated b classical linkage analysis and positional cloning. However, primary hypertension, a complex genetic condition, has proved more difficult. Allelic variants in the genes for angiotensinogen, {alpha}-adductin, {beta}2-adrenergic receptor, the G-protein {beta}3-subunit, and the {beta}- or {gamma}-subunit of the epithelial sodium channel have been identified; however, the importance of these variants to primary hypertension as a whole is not yet clear. New genetic approaches, such as studying isolated populations with haplotype sharing strategies, elucidating quantative trait loci, and defining the genetic variabillity regulating blood pressure in the normal population may help us further. Finally, rethinking and redefining the phenotype should also receive priority.
Keywords:Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Molecular Genetics, Polymorphism, Linkage Association
Source:Medizinische Genetik
Publisher:Springer (Germany)
Page Range:285-288

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