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Association of a CB1 cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) polymorphism with severe alcohol dependence

Item Type:Article
Title:Association of a CB1 cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) polymorphism with severe alcohol dependence
Creators Name:Schmidt, L.G. and Samochowiec, J. and Finckh, U. and Fiszer-Piosik, E. and Horodnicki, J. and Wendel, B. and Rommelspacher, H. and Hoehe, M.R.
Abstract:Due to the involvement of the endogenous cannabinoid system in brain reward mechanisms a silent polymorphism (1359G/A; Thr453Thr) in the single coding exon of the CB1 human cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) was analysed in 121 severely affected Caucasian alcoholics and 136 most likely non-alcoholic controls. The observed frequency of the A allele was 31.2% for controls and 42.1% for alcoholics with severe withdrawal syndromes (P = 0.010). Post-hoc exploration indicated that this allelic association resulted from an excess of the homozygous A/A genotype in patients with a history of alcohol delirium (P = 0.031, DF 2), suggesting s an increased risk of delirium (OR = 2.45, 95% CI 1.14-5.25). This finding suggests that the homozygous genotype CNR1 1359A/A confers vulnerability to alcohol withdrawal delirium.
Keywords:Alcohol Seizures, Alcohol Withdrawal, Alcoholism, CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Gene, Genetics
Source:Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Page Range:221-224
Date:1 January 2002
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0376-8716(01)00164-8
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