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Erythropoietin and arterial hypertension

Item Type:Article
Title:Erythropoietin and arterial hypertension
Creators Name:Luft, F.C.
Abstract:Erythropoietin (EPO) has revolutionized the treatment of anemia in renal failure patients, both in the pre- and postdialysis phase. Not only does the treatment improve well being, but also it positively influences cardiac function and permits cardiac hypertrophy to regress. EPO can lead to an increase in blood pressure; the mechanisms of this effect are not entirely clear. By optimizing dialysis treatment, paying close attention to volume regulation, giving EPO subcutaneously and in a fashion to increase hematocrit gradually, the occurrence of blood pressure increases can be minimized. Hypertension has not proved to be a serious general problem in the EPO treated patient.
Keywords:Anemia, Chronic Kidney Failure, Erythropoietin, Hypertension, Renal Dialysis, Animals
Source:Clinical Nephrology
Number:Suppl. 1
Page Range:S61-S64
Date:1 February 2000
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