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Over-expression of the small heat shock protein, hsp25, inhibits growth of Ehrlich Ascites tumor cells

Item Type:Article
Title:Over-expression of the small heat shock protein, hsp25, inhibits growth of Ehrlich Ascites tumor cells
Creators Name:Knauf, U. and Bielka, H. and Gaestel, M.
Abstract:hsp25 is a small, growth-related, mammalian stress protein which is highly accumulated in the stationary phase of Ehrlich ascites tumor in vivo. Ehrlich ascites cells cultivated in vitro under conditions of continuous exponential growth express hsp25 only at a low level. These cells were stably transfected with an eukaryotic expression vector carrying the coding sequence of the small heat-shock protein, hsp25, under control of the murine metallothionein promoter. The resulting cell lines (EAT II6 and EAT II8) exhibit constitutive over-expression of the small heat-shock protein, hsp25, which can be further increased by induction with cadmium. Both cell lines show increased thermoresistance. The in vitro proliferation rate of the transfected cell lines EAT II6 and EAT II8 is significantly decreased depending on the degree of cadmium-regulated over-expression of hsp25. Furthermore, a significant delay in Ehrlich ascites tumor growth in mice using the hsp25 over-expressing cells for primary inoculation could be demonstrated.
Keywords:Heat-Shock Protein, Small Stress Protein, Transfected Cell, Hsp25, Cell Proliferation, Ehrlich Ascites Tumor, Animals
Source:FEBS Letters
Page Range:297-302
Date:14 September 1992
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/0014-5793(92)80793-G
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