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A role of the cryptic gene in the correct establishment of the left-right axis

Item Type:Article
Title:A role of the cryptic gene in the correct establishment of the left-right axis
Creators Name:Gaio, U. and Schweickert, A. and Fischer, A. and Garratt, A.N. and Mueller, T. and Oezcelik, C. and Lankes, W. and Strehle, M. and Britsch, S. and Blum, M. and Birchmeier, C.
Abstract:During vertebrate embryogenesis, a left-right axis is established. The heart, associated vessels and inner organs adopt asymmetric spatial arrangements and morphologies. Secreted growth factors of the TGF-beta family, including nodal, lefty-1 and lefty-2, play crucial roles in establishing left-right asymmetries [1] [2] [3]. In zebrafish, nodal signalling requires the presence of one-eyed pinhead (oep), a member of the EGF-CFC family of membrane-associated proteins [4]. We have generated a mutant allele of cryptic, a mouse EGF-CFC gene [5]. Homozygous cryptic mutants developed to birth, but the majority died during the first week of life because of complex cardiac malformations such as malpositioning of the great arteries, and atrial-ventricular septal defects. Moreover, laterality defects, including right isomerism of the lungs, right or left positioning of the stomach and splenic hypoplasia were observed. Nodal gene expression in the node was initiated in cryptic mutant mice, but neither nodal, lefty-2 nor Pitx2 were expressed in the left lateral plate mesoderm. The laterality defects observed in cryptic(-/-) mice resemble those of mice lacking the type IIB activin receptor or the homeobox-containing factor Pitx2 [6] [7] [8] [9], and are reminiscent of the human asplenic syndrome [10]. Our results provide genetic evidence for a role of cryptic in the signalling cascade that determines left-right asymmetry.
Keywords:Alleles, Congenital Heart Defects, Developmental Gene Expression Regulation, Dextrocardia, Embryonic and Fetal Development, Fetal Heart, Growth Substances, Homeodomain Proteins, Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins, Left-Right Determination Factors, Mesoderm, Morphogenesis, Nodal Protein, Nuclear Proteins, Paired Box Transcription Factors, Recombinant Fusion Proteins, Signal Transduction, Spleen, Syndrome, Transcription Factors, Transforming Growth Factor beta, Transposition of Great Vessels, Viscera, Zebrafish Proteins, Animals, Mice
Source:Current Biology
Publisher:Cell Press
Page Range:1339-1342
Date:18 November 1999
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0960-9822(00)80059-7
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