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Evaluation of the angiotensinogen locus in human essential hypertension: A European study

Item Type:Article
Title:Evaluation of the angiotensinogen locus in human essential hypertension: A European study
Creators Name:Brand, E. and Chatelain, N. and Keavney, B. and Caulfield, M. and Citterio, L. and Connell, J. and Grobbee, D. and Schmidt, S. and Schunkert, H. and Schuster, H. and Sharma, A.M. and Soubrier, F.
Abstract:Different family and case-control studies support genetic linkage and association at the human angiotensinogen (AGT) locus with essential hypertension. To extend these previous observations, a European collaborative study of nine centers was set up to create a large resource of affected sibling pairs. The AGT locus was studied using a highly polymorphic dinucleotide repeat in the 3'-flanking region of the gene in 350 European families, comprising 630 affected sibling pairs. Statistical analyses using two different methods did not show any evidence for linkage either in the whole panel or in family subsets selected for severity or early onset of disease. Although several arguments from association studies suggest a role of the AGT gene in essential hypertension, this large family study did not replicate the initial linkage reported in smaller studies. Our results highlight the difficulty of identifying susceptibility genes by linkage analysis in complex diseases.
Keywords:Angiotensinogen, Essential Hypertension, Genetics, Microsatellite Repeats
Publisher:American Heart Association
Page Range:725-729
Date:1 March 1998
Official Publication:http://hyper.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/31/3/725
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