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The zebrafish heart harbors a thermogenic beige fat depot analog of human epicardial adipose tissue

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Item Type:Article
Title:The zebrafish heart harbors a thermogenic beige fat depot analog of human epicardial adipose tissue
Creators Name:Morocho-Jaramillo, P.A. and Kotlar-Goldaper, I. and Zakarauskas-Seth, B.I. and Purfürst, B. and Filosa, A. and Sawamiphak, S.
Abstract:Epicardial adipose tissue (eAT) is a metabolically active fat depot that has been associated with a wide array of cardiac homeostatic functions and cardiometabolic diseases. A full understanding of its diverse physiological and pathological roles is hindered by the dearth of animal models. Here, we show, in the heart of an ectothermic teleost, the zebrafish, the existence of a fat depot localized underneath the epicardium, originating from the epicardium and exhibiting the molecular signature of beige adipocytes. Moreover, a subset of adipocytes within this cardiac fat tissue exhibits primitive thermogenic potential. Transcriptomic profiling and cross-species analysis revealed elevated glycolytic and cardiac homeostatic gene expression with downregulated obesity and inflammatory hallmarks in the teleost eAT compared to that of lean aged humans. Our findings unveil epicardium-derived beige fat in the heart of an ectotherm considered to possess solely white adipocytes for energy storage and identify pathways that may underlie age-driven remodeling of human eAT.
Keywords:Epicardial Adipose Tissue, Ectotherm, Thermogenic, Transcriptom, Animals, Zebrafish
Source:Cell Reports
Publisher:Cell Press / Elsevier
Page Range:113955
Date:26 March 2024
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2024.113955
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