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mRNA stability and m(6)A are major determinants of subcellular mRNA localization in neurons

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Item Type:Article
Title:mRNA stability and m(6)A are major determinants of subcellular mRNA localization in neurons
Creators Name:Loedige, I. and Baranovskii, A. and Mendonsa, S. and Dantsuji, S. and Popitsch, N. and Breimann, L. and Zerna, N. and Cherepanov, V. and Milek, M. and Ameres, S. and Chekulaeva, M.
Abstract:For cells to perform their biological functions, they need to adopt specific shapes and form functionally distinct subcellular compartments. This is achieved in part via an asymmetric distribution of mRNAs within cells. Currently, the main model of mRNA localization involves specific sequences called "zipcodes" that direct mRNAs to their proper locations. However, while thousands of mRNAs localize within cells, only a few zipcodes have been identified, suggesting that additional mechanisms contribute to localization. Here, we assess the role of mRNA stability in localization by combining the isolation of the soma and neurites of mouse primary cortical and mESC-derived neurons, SLAM-seq, m(6)A-RIP-seq, the perturbation of mRNA destabilization mechanisms, and the analysis of multiple mRNA localization datasets. We show that depletion of mRNA destabilization elements, such as m(6)A, AU-rich elements, and suboptimal codons, functions as a mechanism that mediates the localization of mRNAs associated with housekeeping functions to neurites in several types of neurons.
Keywords:mRNA Localization, mRNA Stability, m6A, Neuron, AU-Rich Elements, AREs, 5' Terminal Oligopyrimidine Tracts, 5'TOPs, RNA-Binding Proteins, RBPs, Codon Optimality, Zipcodes, Animals, Mice
Source:Molecular Cell
Publisher:Cell Press
Page Range:2709-2725
Date:3 August 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molcel.2023.06.021
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