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Cephalopod-omics: emerging fields and technologies in cephalopod biology

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Item Type:Review
Title:Cephalopod-omics: emerging fields and technologies in cephalopod biology
Creators Name:Baden, T. and Briseño, J. and Coffing, G. and Cohen-Bodénès, S. and Courtney, A. and Dickerson, D. and Dölen, G. and Fiorito, G. and Gestal, C. and Gustafson, T. and Heath-Heckman, E. and Hua, Q. and Imperadore, P. and Kimbara, R. and Król, M. and Lajbner, Z. and Lichilín, N. and Macchi, F. and McCoy, M.J. and Nishiguchi, M.K. and Nyholm, S.V. and Otjacques, E. and Pérez-Ferrer, P.A. and Ponte, G. and Pungor, J.R. and Rogers, T.F. and Rosenthal, J.J.C. and Rouressol, L. and Rubas, N. and Sanchez, G. and Santos, C.P. and Schultz, D.T. and Seuntjens, E. and Songco-Casey, J.O. and Stewart, I.E. and Styfhals, R. and Tuanapaya, S. and Vijayan, N. and Weissenbacher, A. and Zifcakova, L. and Schulz, G. and Weertman, W. and Simakov, O. and Albertin, C.
Abstract:Few animal groups can claim the level of wonder that cephalopods instill in the minds of researchers and the general public. Much of cephalopod biology, however, remains unexplored: the largest invertebrate brain, difficult husbandry conditions, complex (meta-)genomes, among many other things, have hindered progress in addressing key questions. However, recent technological advancements in sequencing, imaging, and genetic manipulation have opened new avenues for exploring the biology of these extraordinary animals. The cephalopod molecular biology community is thus experiencing a large influx of researchers, emerging from different fields, accelerating the pace of research in this clade. In the first post-pandemic event at the Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) conference in April 2022, over 40 participants from all over the world met and discussed key challenges and perspectives for current cephalopod molecular biology and evolution. Our particular focus was on the fields of comparative and regulatory genomics, gene manipulation, single cell transcriptomics, metagenomics and microbial interactions. This article is a result of this joint effort, summarizing the latest insights from these emerging fields, their bottlenecks and potential solutions. The article highlights the interdisciplinary nature of the cephalopod -omics community and provides an emphasis on continuous consolidation of efforts and collaboration in this rapidly evolving field.
Keywords:Cephalopods, Omics, Evolution, Neurobiology, Transgenics, Animals
Source:Integrative and Comparative Biology
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Date:27 June 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/icb/icad087
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