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Recent advances in topical delivery of proteins and peptides mediated by soft matter nanocarriers

Item Type:Review
Title:Recent advances in topical delivery of proteins and peptides mediated by soft matter nanocarriers
Creators Name:Witting, M. and Obst, K. and Friess, W. and Hedtrich, S.
Abstract:Proteins and peptides are increasingly important therapeutics for the treatment of severe and complex diseases like cancer or autoimmune diseases due to their high specificity and potency. Their unique structure and labile physicochemical properties, however, require special attention in the production and formulation process as well as during administration. Aside from conventional systemic injections, the topical application of proteins and peptides is an appealing alternative due to its non-invasive nature and thus high acceptance by patients. For this approach, soft matter nanocarriers are interesting delivery systems which offer beneficial properties such as high biocompatibility, easiness of modifications, as well as targeted drug delivery and release. This review aims to highlight and discuss technological developments in the field of soft matter nanocarriers for the delivery of proteins and peptides via the skin, the eye, the nose, and the lung, and to provide insights in advantages, limitations, and practicability of recent advances.
Keywords:Soft Matter Nanocarrier, Topical Delivery, Biopharmaceuticals, Proteins, Peptides, Targeted Drug Delivery, Dermal, Ocular, Nasal, Pulmonary
Source:Biotechnology Advances
Number:6 Pt 3
Page Range:1355-1369
Date:1 November 2015
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biotechadv.2015.01.010
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