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Instrumental drift in untargeted metabolomics: optimizing data quality with intrastudy QC samples

Item Type:Review
Title:Instrumental drift in untargeted metabolomics: optimizing data quality with intrastudy QC samples
Creators Name:Märtens, A. and Holle, J. and Mollenhauer, B. and Wegner, A. and Kirwan, J. and Hiller, K.
Abstract:Untargeted metabolomics is an important tool in studying health and disease and is employed in fields such as biomarker discovery and drug development, as well as precision medicine. Although significant technical advances were made in the field of mass-spectrometry driven metabolomics, instrumental drifts, such as fluctuations in retention time and signal intensity, remain a challenge, particularly in large untargeted metabolomics studies. Therefore, it is crucial to consider these variations during data processing to ensure high-quality data. Here, we will provide recommendations for an optimal data processing workflow using intrastudy quality control (QC) samples that identifies errors resulting from instrumental drifts, such as shifts in retention time and metabolite intensities. Furthermore, we provide an in-depth comparison of the performance of three popular batch-effect correction methods of different complexity. By using different evaluation metrics based on QC samples and a machine learning approach based on biological samples, the performance of the batch-effect correction methods were evaluated. Here, the method TIGER demonstrated the overall best performance by reducing the relative standard deviation of the QCs and dispersion-ratio the most, as well as demonstrating the highest area under the receiver operating characteristic with three different probabilistic classifiers (Logistic regression, Random Forest, and Support Vector Machine). In summary, our recommendations will help to generate high-quality data that are suitable for further downstream processing, leading to more accurate and meaningful insights into the underlying biological processes.
Keywords:Metabolomics, Quality Control, Analytical Variation, Batch Effects
Page Range:665
Date:16 May 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.3390/metabo13050665
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