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Germany's journey toward 14 Tesla human magnetic resonance

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Item Type:Review
Title:Germany's journey toward 14 Tesla human magnetic resonance
Creators Name:Ladd, M.E. and Quick, H.H. and Speck, O. and Bock, M. and Doerfler, A. and Forsting, M. and Hennig, J. and Ittermann, B. and Möller, H.E. and Nagel, A.M. and Niendorf, T. and Remy, S. and Schaeffter, T. and Scheffler, K. and Schlemmer, H.P. and Schmitter, S. and Schreiber, L. and Shah, N.J. and Stöcker, T. and Uder, M. and Villringer, A. and Weiskopf, N. and Zaiss, M. and Zaitsev, M.
Abstract:Multiple sites within Germany operate human MRI systems with magnetic fields either at 7 Tesla or 9.4 Tesla. In 2013, these sites formed a network to facilitate and harmonize the research being conducted at the different sites and make this technology available to a larger community of researchers and clinicians not only within Germany, but also worldwide. The German Ultrahigh Field Imaging (GUFI) network has defined a strategic goal to establish a 14 Tesla whole-body human MRI system as a national research resource in Germany as the next progression in magnetic field strength. This paper summarizes the history of this initiative, the current status, the motivation for pursuing MR imaging and spectroscopy at such a high magnetic field strength, and the technical and funding challenges involved. It focuses on the scientific and science policy process from the perspective in Germany, and is not intended to be a comprehensive systematic review of the benefits and technical challenges of higher field strengths.
Keywords:MRI, Ultrahigh Field, Extremely High Field, 14T, GUFI
Source:Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine
Page Range:191-210
Date:April 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10334-023-01085-z
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