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Bioactive phytochemicals from avocado oil processing by-products

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Title:Bioactive phytochemicals from avocado oil processing by-products
Creators Name:Cárdenas-Castro, A.P. and Fernández-Ochoa, Á. and Cádiz-Gurrea, M.d.l.L. and Segura Carretero, A. and Sáyago-Ayerdi, S.G.
Abstract:Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) is one of the greatest gifts Mexico delivered to the world. This fruit is considered one of the healthiest fruits due to its content of vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fiber, and its unique composition of lipids. In light of this, one of the fruit-derived products with the highest market value and reported healthy effects is avocado oil. Unlike olive or palm oils, avocado oil is generally produced from the fruit rejected from the fresh-fruit trade (domestic or export purposes). The production of avocado oil production from the exploited pulp results in the discarding of large amounts of seed and peel, representing 25% of the fruit’s total fresh weight, which is rich in bioactive compounds, protein, and dietary fiber. The demand for new ingredients from natural sources added to food and nonfood products increases, highlighting the potential of food by-products to be used as a source of these demanded ingredients. Finally, food by-products are also promising sources as a low-cost material for producing new ingredients that can generate added value to agri-food industries. This chapter focused on extracts, bioactive compounds, and functional properties of avocado oil processing by-products. Moreover, the potential food and cosmetic applications from the avocado oil processing by-products are highlighted.
Keywords:Avocado Oil, Bioactive Compounds, Bio-Waste, Persea americana Mill., Phytochemicals
Source:Reference Series in Phytochemistry
Series Name:Reference Series in Phytochemistry
Title of Book:Bioactive phytochemicals from vegetable oil and oilseed processing by-products
Page Range:403-430
Number of Pages:766
Date:22 March 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-91381-6_18

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