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The effect of renal denervation on T cells in patients with resistant hypertension

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Item Type:Article
Title:The effect of renal denervation on T cells in patients with resistant hypertension
Creators Name:Kantauskaite, M. and Vonend, O. and Yakoub, M. and Heilmann, P. and Maifeld, A. and Minko, P. and Schimmöller, L. and Antoch, G. and Müller, D.N. and Schmidt, C. and Duvnjak, B. and Zierhut, U. and Potthoff, S.A. and Rump, L.C. and Fischer, J.C. and Stegbauer, J.
Abstract:(1) BACKGROUND: Sympathetic overactivity is a major contributor to resistant hypertension (RH). According to animal studies, sympathetic overactivity increases immune responses, thereby aggravating hypertension and cardiovascular outcomes. Renal denervation (RDN) reduces sympathetic nerve activity in RH. Here, we investigate the effect of RDN on T-cell signatures in RH. (2) METHODS: Systemic inflammation and T-cell subsets were analyzed in 17 healthy individuals and 30 patients with RH at baseline and 6 months after RDN. (3) RESULTS: The patients with RH demonstrated higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and higher frequencies of CD4+ effector memory (TEM), CD4+ effector memory residential (TEMRA) and CD8+ central memory (TCM) cells than the controls. After RDN, systolic automated office blood pressure (BP) decreased by -17.6 ± 18.9 mmHg. Greater BP reductions were associated with higher CD4+ TEM (r -0.421, p = 0.02) and CD8+ TCM (r -0.424, p = 0.02) frequencies at baseline. The RDN responders, that is, the patients with ≥10mmHg systolic BP reduction, showed reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, whereas the non-responders had unchanged inflammatory activity and higher CD8+ TEMRA frequencies with increased cellular cytokine production. (4) CONCLUSIONS: The pro-inflammatory state of patients with RH is characterized by altered T-cell signatures, especially in non-responders. A detailed analysis of T cells might be useful in selecting patients for RDN.
Keywords:Sympathetic Activity, Renal Denervation, Resistant Hypertension, Immune Response, T Cells, Lymphocytes, Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, Inflammation
Source:International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Page Range:2493
Date:27 January 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms24032493
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