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A local human Vδ1 T cell population is associated with survival in nonsmall-cell lung cancer

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Item Type:Article
Title:A local human Vδ1 T cell population is associated with survival in nonsmall-cell lung cancer
Creators Name:Wu, Y. and Biswas, D. and Usaite, I. and Angelova, M. and Boeing, S. and Karasaki, T. and Veeriah, S. and Czyzewska-Khan, J. and Morton, C. and Joseph, M. and Hessey, S. and Reading, J. and Georgiou, A. and Al-Bakir, M. and McGranahan, N. and Jamal-Hanjani, M. and Hackshaw, A. and Quezada, S.A. and Hayday, A.C. and Swanton, C.
Abstract:Murine tissues harbor signature γδ T cell compartments with profound yet differential impacts on carcinogenesis. Conversely, human tissue-resident γδ cells are less well defined. In the present study, we show that human lung tissues harbor a resident Vδ1 γδ T cell population. Moreover, we demonstrate that Vδ1 T cells with resident memory and effector memory phenotypes were enriched in lung tumors compared with nontumor lung tissues. Intratumoral Vδ1 T cells possessed stem-like features and were skewed toward cytolysis and helper T cell type 1 function, akin to intratumoral natural killer and CD8(+) T cells considered beneficial to the patient. Indeed, ongoing remission post-surgery was significantly associated with the numbers of CD45RA(-)CD27(-) effector memory Vδ1 T cells in tumors and, most strikingly, with the numbers of CD103(+) tissue-resident Vδ1 T cells in nonmalignant lung tissues. Our findings offer basic insights into human body surface immunology that collectively support integrating Vδ1 T cell biology into immunotherapeutic strategies for nonsmall cell lung cancer.
Keywords:Cancer, Gammadelta T Cells, Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Tumour Immunology, Animals, Mice
Source:Nature Cancer
Publisher:Springer Nature
Page Range:696-709
Date:June 2022
Additional Information:Roland Schwarz, Tom L. Kaufmann and Mattthew Huska are members of the TRACERx Consortium.
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/s43018-022-00376-z
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