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Cardiovascular and metabolic determinants of quality of life in patients with cancer

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Item Type:Article
Title:Cardiovascular and metabolic determinants of quality of life in patients with cancer
Creators Name:Evertz, R. and Gödde, K. and Diehl, C. and Valentova, M. and Garfias-Veitl, T. and Braulke, F. and Wulf, G.G. and Overbeck, T.R. and Bleckmann, A. and König, A.O. and Weinländer, P. and Potthoff, S. and Hadzibegovic, S. and Lena, A. and Keller, U. and Landmesser, U. and Schuster, A. and Anker, M.S. and Hasenfuß, G. and von Haehling, S.
Abstract:AIMS: Maintaining quality of life (QoL) in patients with cancer has gathered significant interest, but little is known about its major determinants. We sought to identify determinants of QoL in patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as in treatment-naïve patients about to commence such therapy. METHODS AND RESULTS: QoL was assessed in 283 patients with cancer using the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30 questionnaire. All patients underwent a battery of tests including physical examination, resting electrocardiogram, hand grip strength, and biochemistry assessment. Using multivariable logistic regression, we found that age [odds ratio (OR) 0.954, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.916-0.994], resting heart rate (OR 1.036, 95% CI 1.004-1.068), hand grip strength (OR 0.932, 95% CI 0.878-0.990), and the presence of cachexia (OR 4.334, 95% CI 1.767-10.631) and dyspnoea (OR 3.725, 95% CI 1.540-9.010; all P < 0.05) remained independently predictive of reduced QoL. CONCLUSIONS: Therefore, it may be reasonable to address circumstances that are affecting muscle mass, body weight, and heart rate to maintaining QoL; however, prospective studies to test these endpoints are required.
Keywords:Quality of Life, Cancer
Source:ESC Heart Failure
Page Range:167-176
Date:February 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1002/ehf2.14175
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