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Detailed stratified GWAS analysis for severe COVID-19 in four European populations

Item Type:Article
Title:Detailed stratified GWAS analysis for severe COVID-19 in four European populations
Creators Name:Degenhardt, F. and Ellinghaus, D. and Juzenas, S. and Lerga-Jaso, J. and Wendorff, M. and Maya-Miles, D. and Uellendahl-Werth, F. and ElAbd, H. and Rühlemann, M.C. and Arora, J. and Özer, O. and Lenning, O.B. and Myhre, R. and Vadla, M.S. and Wacker, E.M. and Wienbrandt, L. and Ortiz, A.B. and de Salazar, A. and Chercoles, A.G. and Palom, A. and Ruiz, A. and Garcia-Fernandez, A.E. and Blanco-Grau, A. and Mantovani, A. and Zanella, A. and Holten, A.R. and Mayer, A. and Bandera, A. and Cherubini, A. and Protti, A. and Aghemo, A. and Gerussi, A. and Ramirez, A. and Braun, A. and Nebel, A. and Barreira, A. and Lleo, A. and Teles, A. and Kildal, A.B. and Biondi, A. and Caballero-Garralda, A. and Ganna, A. and Gori, A. and Glück, A. and Lind, A. and Tanck, A. and Hinney, A. and Nolla, A.C. and Fracanzani, A.L. and Peschuck, A. and Cavallero, A. and Dyrhol-Riise, A.M. and Ruello, A. and Julià, A. and Muscatello, A. and Pesenti, A. and Voza, A. and Rando-Segura, A. and Solier, A. 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Abstract:Given the highly variable clinical phenotype of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a deeper analysis of the host genetic contribution to severe COVID-19 is important to improve our understanding of underlying disease mechanisms. Here, we describe an extended GWAS meta-analysis of a well-characterized cohort of 3255 COVID-19 patients with respiratory failure and 12 488 population controls from Italy, Spain, Norway and Germany/Austria, including stratified analyses based on age, sex and disease severity, as well as targeted analyses of chromosome Y haplotypes, the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) region and the SARS-CoV-2 peptidome. By inversion imputation, we traced a reported association at 17q21.31 to a ~ 0.9-Mb inversion polymorphism that creates two highly differentiated haplotypes and characterized the potential effects of the inversion in detail. Our data, together with the 5th release of summary statistics from the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative including non-Caucasian individuals, also identified a new locus at 19q13.33, including NAPSA, a gene which is expressed primarily in alveolar cells responsible for gas exchange in the lung.
Source:Human Molecular Genetics
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Date:15 July 2022
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/hmg/ddac158
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