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Heart development and regeneration -- a multi‐organ effort

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Item Type:Review
Title:Heart development and regeneration -- a multi‐organ effort
Creators Name:Filosa, A. and Sawamiphak, S.
Abstract:Development of the heart, from early morphogenesis to functional maturation, as well as maintenance of its homeostasis, are tasks requiring collaborative efforts of cardiac tissue and different extra-cardiac organ systems. The brain, lymphoid organs, and gut, are among the interaction partners that can communicate with the heart through a wide array of paracrine signals acting at local or systemic level. Disturbance of cardiac homeostasis following ischemic injury also needs immediate response from these distant organs. Our hearts replace dead muscles with non-contractile fibrotic scars. We have learned from animal models capable of scarless repair that regenerative capability of the heart does not depend only on competency of the myocardium and cardiac-intrinsic factors, but also on long-range molecular signals originating in other parts of the body. Here, we provide an overview of inter-organ signals that take part in development and regeneration of the heart. We highlight recent findings and remaining questions. Finally, we discuss the potential of inter-organ modulatory approaches for possible therapeutic use.
Keywords:Interorgan Interactions, Heart, Development, Regeneration, Nervous System, Immune System, Gut, Microbiota, Animals
Source:FEBS Journal
Page Range:913-930
Date:February 2023
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1111/febs.16319
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