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The continued need for animals to advance brain research

Item Type:Editorial
Title:The continued need for animals to advance brain research
Creators Name:Homberg, J.R. and Adan, R.A.H. and Alenina, N. and Asiminas, A. and Bader, M. and Beckers, T. and Begg, D.P. and Blokland, A. and Burger, M.E. and van Dijk, G. and Eisel, U.L.M. and Elgersma, Y. and Englitz, B. and Fernandez-Ruiz, A. and Fitzsimons, C.P. and van Dam, A.M. and Gass, P. and Grandjean, J. and Havekes, R. and Henckens, M.J.A.G. and Herden, C. and Hut, R.A. and Jarrett, W. and Jeffrey, K. and Jezova, D. and Kalsbeek, A. and Kamermans, M. and Kas, M.J. and Kasri, N.N. and Kiliaan, A.J. and Kolk, S.M. and Korosi, A. and Korte, S.M. and Kozicz, T. and Kushner, S.A. and Leech, K. and Lesch, K.P. and Lesscher, H. and Lucassen, P.J. and Luthi, A. and Ma, L. and Mallien, A.S. and Meerlo, P. and Mejias, J.F. and Meye, F.J. and Mitchell, A.S. and Mul, J.D. and Olcese, U. and González, A.O. and Olivier, J.D.A. and Pasqualetti, M. and Pennartz, C.M.A. and Popik, P. and Prickaerts, J. and de la Prida, L.M. and Ribeiro, S. and Roozendaal, B. and Rossato, J.I. and Salari, A.A. and Schoemaker, R.G. and Smit, A.B. and Vanderschuren, L.J.M.J. and Takeuchi, T. and van der Veen, R. and Smidt, M.P. and Vyazovskiy, V.V. and Wiesmann, M. and Wierenga, C.J. and Williams, B. and Willuhn, I. and Wöhr, M. and Wolvekamp, M. and van der Zee, E.A. and Genzel, L.
Abstract:Policymakers aim to move toward animal-free alternatives for scientific research and have introduced very strict regulations for animal research. We argue that, for neuroscience research, until viable and translational alternatives become available and the value of these alternatives has been proven, the use of animals should not be compromised.
Keywords:Animal Experimentation, Brain, Neurosciences, Animals
Publisher:Cell Press
Page Range:2374-2379
Date:4 August 2021
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2021.07.015
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