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Channeling of branched flow in weakly scattering anisotropic media

Item Type:Article
Title:Channeling of branched flow in weakly scattering anisotropic media
Creators Name:Degueldre, H. and Metzger, J.J. and Schultheis, E. and Fleischmann, R.
Abstract:When waves propagate through weakly scattering but correlated, disordered environments they are randomly focused into pronounced branchlike structures, a phenomenon referred to as branched flow, which has been studied in a wide range of isotropic random media. In many natural environments, however, the fluctuations of the random medium typically show pronounced anisotropies. A prominent example is the focusing of tsunami waves by the anisotropic structure of the ocean floor topography. We study the influence of anisotropy on such natural focusing events and find a strong and nonintuitive dependence on the propagation angle which we explain by semiclassical theory.
Keywords:Hamiltonian Systems, Stochastic Dynamical Systems, Semiclassical physics, Nonlinear Dynamics
Source:Physical Review Letters
Publisher:American Physical Society
Page Range:024301
Date:13 January 2017
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.024301
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