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RNA-binding proteins and translational regulation in axons and growth cones

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Item Type:Review
Title:RNA-binding proteins and translational regulation in axons and growth cones
Creators Name:Hörnberg, H. and Holt, C.
Abstract:RNA localization and regulation play an important role in the developing and adult nervous system. In navigating axons, extrinsic cues can elicit rapid local protein synthesis that mediates directional or morphological responses. The mRNA repertoire in axons is large and dynamically changing, yet studies suggest that only a subset of these mRNAs are translated after cue stimulation, suggesting the need for a high level of translational regulation. Here, we review the role of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) as local regulators of translation in developing axons. We focus on their role in growth, guidance, and synapse formation, and discuss the mechanisms by which they regulate translation in axons.
Keywords:RNA-Binding Proteins, Local Translation, Axon Outgrowth, Axon Guidance, Synapse Formation, Animals, Drosophila, Mice, Xenopus, Zebrafish
Source:Frontiers in Neuroscience
Publisher:Frontiers Media SA
Page Range:81
Date:23 May 2013
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.3389/fnins.2013.00081
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